Officer Academy - The September Issue

Monday 18 September 2017

2017 Officer Academy 

Congratulations to all newly elected and returning Club, Society & Project Officers for 2017/18!

You are now one of 2000+ volunteers who have stepped forward to improve the experience of students across Imperial and beyond. You play a big part in the Union and its success.

So, you’ve successfully secured your place on a committee, exams are over and Freshers' Fair is close but so far away. Now what…?

Enter the September 2017 Officer Academy!

This year’s Officer Academy will provide you with the tools and knowledge to run your Club, Society or Project well, while providing useful tips to help you plan your year.

When & Where?

  • Friday 29 September 2017
  • Beit Quad
  • Registration from 9.00 AM
  • Workshops 10.00 - 15.00 PM
  • Optional social 15.10 PM onwards

Who is expected to attend?

  • All Club, Society & Project Officers
  • Management Group Exec
  • New and returning Officers

Why get involved?

  • "Very useful information at a very crucial time"
  • "Amazing. Very useful. I now have a clear idea how I can approach the Union for help on these issues"
  • "It was very useful and detailed enough without being overwhelming"

- 2016 attendees

  • "Cheerful, clear communication, relaxed & well-organised"

- June 2017 attendee

In addition, you’ll be given:

  • Lunch
  • Tea & coffee
  • Drinks voucher
  • A fantastic induction day to get to know your fellow CSP Officers, build confidence and receive information on things you need to know plus hints & tips for success
  • Networking opportunities with Union staff and your Officer Trustees who you will be working with next year
  • 1-2-1 advice from staff, specific to your Club, Society or Project

How do I sign up?:

We look forward to seeing you soon!