New Student Part-Time System Admin Role! (And Full-Time Web and Systems Developer)

Friday 6 October 2017

Graduates/Alumni: Be a full-time web and systems 
developer at Imperial College Union!

Students: Excellent opportunity for flexible work at 
the Union - take up our new Systems 
Administrator, Casual Worker role 
Hi all,

Just a quick update on what's happening at Imperial College Union and our systems team.

Starting on the same day as this year's Officer Trustees, our new systems manager has already been fantastic. eActivities and our systems are the backbone of everything the Union does, not least making sure that our 370+ Clubs and Societies get a first-rate experience, and any support they need. While it's one of the less visible parts of the Union, expanding our systems team's capacity is crucial in making sure that we deliver on our commitment to student development and the student experience.

When Matt and I came in, we were struck by the fact that we didn't have any student staff or interns working in systems, especially given that we're the Union for one of the world's best STEM institutions. We asked for change, and after the Union have worked all summer to make it happen, we're now looking for students to come forward as part-time system administrators! These are paid roles with the job description through the link. below! These roles are really important - not only is it a chance to earn, but to develop your skills, and know that your work is directly helping your fellow students! We worked hard with staff to introduce these roles, and make sure they were paid as much as we could. Please get in touch - it's a great place to work.

Secondly, we're expanding the systems team's full-time capacity too, and hiring a new web and systems developer! Imperial College Union is a fantastic place to work, and you'll be part of a great team working to help brilliant students every day of the week - it's really a great opportunity. If you know any developers who might be interested, we'd really appreciate you passing on the message!

Excited to shout about positive changes we are making as your student leaders at Imperial College Union!

All the best,


Casual Systems Administrator:…/student-system-admin…

Full-time Web and Systems Developer:
Visit, click the green job search button, and search for "web and systems developer". We can only accept applications through Imperial College London's HR system.