Entrepreneurial Insights

Thursday 30 November 2017

17:30 - 19:30, Tuesday 5 November, Imperial Enterprise Lab

Join ACT Now for an evening of inspiration from student and alumni entrepreneurs working in social enterprise. Social enterprise is a growing field, bridging the gap between charity and for profit business. It is an area of increased innovation where entreperneurs are able to make a difference in the world, empower communities, and create sustainable businesses which make a real impact! 

Entrepreneurial Insights will hear from 2 speakers engaged in social enterprise at Imperial. They will be discussing their venture, and the unique experience of setting up a business whilst at university. 

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Our speakers

Chidubem Nwabufo - Impact Fashion

Chidubem is a recent graduate of Imperial and is currently working on the development of an app to help tackle fashion's environmental impact. Chidubem has been the recipient of funding from the National Youth Agency to enable her to continue working on her enterprise and develop a business that has environmental sustainabilty at its heart. 

Debesh Mandal - IRIS Drone Technologies

Debesh, a PhD student at Imperial, is working with a team of current students and Imperial alumni to develop their business venture, IRIS Drone Technologies. They are developing drone technology with the aim to provide safe and reliable transport options for medical samples in countries with poor transport infrastructure.