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Union President role

Leader of the pack

Leader of the Imperial student body, the Union President is the key contact for College's most senior staff when they want the student perspective. The Union President manages the Officer Trustee team, leads our partnership with College, and works with our professional staff members to ensure we are giving our members the best possible student experience. 

What you would do as Union President

At a glance 

  • Full-time, paid role (circa £37K annually)
  • Term in office: Mid July 2024 - 31 July 2025
  • Member of Imperial College Union's Board of Trustees
  • Member of Imperial College London's College Council
  • Leader and manager of the Officer Trustee team

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What you would learn as Union President

Most graduate schemes will offer you middle management roles after two or three years of work. When you're Union President, you'll be responsible, on day one, for setting an ambitious agenda. As you represent students at the highest level of decision making, you will make complex decisions, supported by a professional staff team in a charity with a £10m annual turnover. You will lead in the development of the Union's strategy and ensure we are delivering our remit both in your daily work with the executive team, and as a member of the Board of Trustees.

As Union President, you would develop your:

  • Leadership ability, bringing your fellow Officer Trustees and staff colleagues along with you as you achieve your goals
  • Strategic thinking, as you work with Trustees and senior staff to ensure Imperial College Union remains relevant and sustainable for 2024 and beyond
  • Interpersonal skills, working with senior College decision-makers, Union staff and student volunteers
  • Public speaking, representing Imperial students at events, meetings, and Graduation Days
  • Decision-making, as you lead the organisation through the academic year, having to efficiently lead the response to challenges
  • Stakeholder management, as you balance the competing views and interests within the student body and the wider Imperial community

Role Description

The President shall:

  • Be the chief executive officer of the Union
  • Be the ultimate representative of the Union
  • Be ultimately responsible for the whole Union, its Constituent parts, and its activities and governance
  • Be ultimately responsible for the finances of the Union
  • Be ultimately responsible for staffing and discipline issues
  • Be responsible for the Union’s marketing and communications to the membership, College and external organisations
  • Be responsible for constitutional development and preliminary interpretation
  • Ensure the adherence to the Complaints and Discipline procedures set out in section G of the bye-laws
  • Be responsible for the Managing Director
  • Be the manager of the other Officer Trustees in their role as employees and coordinate their work and that of the non-sabbatical Officers of the Union
  • Delegate the duties and responsibilities of Officers in the case of vacancies or if any Officer is unable to carry out their duties

All Officer Trustees shall:

  • Act as a Trustee ex-officio
  • Fulfill all Presidential and constitutional responsibilities
  • Execute and develop policy and further the aims and objectives of the Union
  • Ensure that all members of the Union are equally represented
  • Chair relevant Union committees
  • Liaise with Union and College staff as appropriate
  • Represent the Union on external committees as appropriate
  • Report to Union committees as appropriate
  • Establish extra duties with the President where appropriate
  • Coordinate the work of the non-Trustee officers of the Union
  • Deliver the Union's strategic aims and uphold the Union's values
  • Ensure that the Union provides relevant and sustainable events and services that meet the demands of its members
  • Campaign where appropriate on issues relevant to the membership

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