The Leadership Elections 2018

Leadership Elections 2018

Be a student leader. 

Imperial College Union exists to empower students to speak up for themselves and change the world around them. We are a democratic organisation, led by student volunteers and guided by our 18,000+ members - the students of Imperial College London.

The Leadership Elections are your chance to become one of the students who makes the Imperial experience what it is.

Key information

What are the Leadership Elections for?

Imperial College Union is a democracy, powered by the dedication, energy and skills of our thousands of volunteers. Every year, 10,000 new students arrive at Imperial College London, and their ideas, energy and talent combine to make the Imperial student experience one of the best in London - if not the world.

Through Imperial College Union, thousands of active students take leadership roles each year. Many students take up volunteer roles alongside their studies, becoming Academic & Wellbeing Representatives, Constituent Union leaders, Liberation & Community Officers, or committee members of our 370+ Clubs, Societies & Projects. Some students participate in our democracy and governance directly, as Student Trustees or Council Chair, speaking for their fellow students at the highest level of decision-making. And each year, seven students are elected to take a year out of their studies to take one of our paid, full-time roles:

The Leadership Elections allow us to capture and make the most of the energy and capabilities of our members, by giving every single one of them a chance to become a leader - and make Imperial even better for their fellow students and all those yet to arrive at Imperial.

The Leadership Elections 2018 include over 700 roles from across Imperial College Union.

Which one will you choose?

Why volunteer with Imperial College Union?

Volunteering with Imperial College Union gives you skills and experiences that will boost your career and personal development before you have even left university.

We're proud of the difference we make to the skills and confidence of our volunteers. When you volunteer with us, you can access a wide range of skills development opportunities that will give you invaluable insights and experience, desired by employers across all sectors. 

From Imperial Plus to the Imperial Award, we can help you make sure that your volunteering gives your career and your personal growth a major early boost. We also have programmes supporting student entrepreneurship, community volunteering and our #helloICU crew. Read more about our Social Action work here.

When are the Leadership Elections 2018?

The Leadership Elections 2018 will take place from late January to Friday 9 March, giving all of our members a chance to nominate, campaign, and vote. 

  • Nominations open: Wednesday 31 January
  • Nominations close: 23:59, Sunday 25 February
  • Candidates meeting: Noon, Monday 26 February
  • Candidate Training Period: 26 February - 2 March
  • Manifesto deadline: 17:00, Thursday 1 March
  • Candidates revealed and campaigning begins: Noon, Friday 2 March
  • Voting opens: Noon, Friday 2 March
  • Voting closes: Noon, Friday 9 March
  • Results Party: Evening, Friday 9 March