Jenny Nelson

Prof Jenny Nelson

The winner of the 2017 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Supervision was Prof Jenny Nelson, of the Department of Physics.

What students said:

"When writing this nomination I found it difficult to even know where to start, there being so many areas in which Jenny goes above and beyond.  I came to Jenny at a time when my faith in myself and the scientific process was at all time low.  She believed in me when I didn't. I am under no illusions that were it not for finding Jenny I would not have got as far as I have"

"She redefines what it means to be a supervisor"

  "Most PhD students only ever experience one supervisor and thus it's easy to fail to gather perspective about what constitutes a bare minimum and what constitutes excellence in supervision. Being a member of the TSM-CDT and seeing others' experiences, and having my own experience with other supervisors, I feel I am well placed to judge this. She easily ticks the minimum requirements of being available, open and able to proactively manage the development needs of all of her students. More than this she exceeds these requirements, fighting and caring for her students using her time and energy for pastoral and practical support beyond the norm. This is evidenced by the sheer number of students who come to back to her to do a PhD and the number of relationships she has maintained well beyond the PhD."


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