Christopher John

Dr Christopher John

The winner of the 2017 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Feedback was Dr Christopher John, of the Department of Medicine.

What students said:

"Although Dr Chris John is rarely the marker of my assignments, he is the tutor I always ask for help whenever I have questions related to the feedback i get. He is extremely busy, being the Head of the course, but he always finds the time to provide as detailed feedback as possible and within very short time (the record is 5 hours!!!). His feedback is not only helpful in letting you know how your performance was, but also in providing suggestions on how to improve (i.e. what could have been done for a higher mark - everybody wants to know this), which not many staff members include. I honestly think that his constructive comments and ideas on how to improve helped me develop better science skills over the past years."

"Constructive feedback on how to improve"

  "He clearly, publicly announces after his teaching that he is there to help if anyone has questions about their work or needs suggestions or clarifications about their assignment feedback. As the Head of the course he always emphasises how important feedback is to the teaching staff (and students too - most of us fill in SOLE). There has been a clear improvement in the quality of feedback given to students in this course since he was appointed as Head. And when this is not the case, he takes matters into his hands and makes sure everyone is happy. "


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