Anderson Santos

The winner of the 2017 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Support Staff was Anderson Santos , of the Department of Mathematics.

What students said:

" Since Anderson has become part of the Maths department, everything he is a part of has improved a hundred fold. He has made all the tedious, administrative tasks a lot easier by implementing a digital system that has been needed for what feels like the last 20 years, making the whole process of using grant money more transparent and easy to use. Anderson always has an open ear for any problems students might encounter and helps solve these in a genuine, caring way that makes all the difference. It's always a pleasure to interact with him, even when the occasion might not be very cheerful. To top it off, his emails are pleasant, informative and to the point, making sure everyone is informed about both the academic rules and regulations, but also about social events going on in the department. I wish he had been around from when I started my PhD, and I am sure he will achieve even more in the coming years! "

" He listens, is genuine and shows he cares "



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