Hayley Wong

Portrait of Hayley Wong

Hi, my name is Hayley – Union President.

I studied Aeronautics with Spacecraft Engineering. Throughout my four years at Imperial, I have been involved in the Union in many ways including as an academic rep and as the City & Guilds College Union President for two years. 

A bit about me - I used to do quite a bit of art, especially acrylics painting. I have also recently taken an interest in embroidery. A fun fact about me is that I flew a plane (as a cadet in the Royal Air Force) before I ever drove a car or rode a bike. 

In my role, I hope to ensure that the Union truly puts students first. I hope to continue implementing the Back to Basics strategy, where we refocus our vision on getting our basic function correct. We are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, but with the newly expanded permanent staff team at the Union, we can not only build back our basics, but also improve upon what we were already getting right.

All in all, I hope to reduce the mystique of what the Union actually does behind the scenes for the students. If you have any queries or suggestions for the Union, do not hesitate to contact me! 

My goals

  • Review the internal processes of the Union to ensure they are efficient and student-centric
  • Establish support for the Constituent Unions in a concrete way
  • Improve the current complaints and disciplinary procedures of both the Union and the College
  • Foster a sense of community for students where this is currently weaker, for example Postgraduates and non-South Kensington students

Read my April report to Scrutiny Committee.

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