Reynolds Bar Statement

Friday 14 October 2022 14:39 News

Reynolds Bar Statement


The 2022/23 academic year is upon us, and we are at the start of what will hopefully be the most ‘normal’ year we’ve had in a while. This doesn’t necessarily mean that things will be exactly as they were pre-pandemic, but it does mean that you should be able to expect the same parts of the student experience as before all the disruption.

Welcome Fair 2022

Monday 3 October 2022 16:33 News

Who’s ready for Welcome Fair 2022? 🎪

It's the largest event in the Welcome Week calendar and gives you a chance to explore all things ICU! Meet our societies and the students that run them, find activities that make your heart sing (or actually sing!) and discover projects to channel your passions 💖

There will be exclusive deals to get your hands on, plus you may be able to take home a few freebies…👀 🍕

New Managing Director Appointed

Thursday 22 September 2022 10:17 News

Imperial College Union is pleased to announce the recruitment of a new permanent Managing Director, following an extensive process just ended.  

Tom Newman, an experienced leader within students’ unions and currently Director of Membership Services at Imperial College Union, has been appointed to the role.  

Summer Elections 2022: Results

Friday 17 June 2022 12:37 News

Results for our Summer Elections are in - find out who has been elected below! 

In this election we filled the post of Felix Editor, and the role of Gender Equality Officer which was not elected in our Leadership Elections in March. A total of 1,180 students voted in the main election, representing a 5.01% turnout, with 1,880 students voting for the roles within our clubs, societies and projects, representing a 10.23% turnout.

Become a student trustee

Monday 9 May 2022 08:36 News
The role of the Board is to safeguard and promote the values and mission of Imperial College Union, to determine the strategy and structure of the Union, to ensure the Union operates in an effective responsible and accountable manner and to ensure the effective functioning of the board.

Leadership Elections 2022: Results

Friday 18 March 2022 16:29 News

Voting in the Leadership Elections 2022 ended at 14:00 on Thursday 17 March with 7,108 students casting votes for the next cohort of Imperial student leaders. The electorate was 23,711 representing a turnout of 29.98%.

5,595 students cast votes for CSP leaders, with an aggregate total of 8,673 students voting across the full set of elections. The elections achieved a combined turnout of 36.58%.