Welcome to Imperial College Union

Welcome to Imperial College Union!

Wednesday 28 July 2021 12:07

We're a community of almost 20k students on an adventure to make sure you love your time at Imperial! As an Imperial student, you’re already a member. 

We know that starting a university degree can be a nerve-wracking experience and we want to make sure that you don't miss anything that uni life has to offer, that's what we're here for. Whether you're looking to make new friends, try a new hobby (or practice one you already love), develop your skills, represent your peers or simply concentrate on having the best academic experience you can, we're here to support you through it all.

We are separate to the College, comprising all Imperial students, Undergraduates and Postgraduates across all departments and faculties. We represent your interests to College across both academic and wider issues and we’re here to help shape your experience and make the most of your time at Imperial. 

If you notice something is missing or not quite right, talk to us, to your officers or reps. Or even better, become an officer yourself! There's three chances across the year for you to get elected as a representative and make the changes you want to see: Autumn Elections (nominations open 2 October) , Leadership Elections (February - March), Summer Elections (May - June). 

Whether you want to join or run one of our 380 Clubs, Societies & Projects, need advice, like to socialise at the student bar, or engage as, or through, a Student Representative in your department, we’ll be here to support you.

Have a look at our Welcome Hub for more!