Union Awards 2024

Union Awards 2024: Nominee Shortlists

Tuesday 14 May 2024 15:37

After over 500 nominations and much deliberation, your shortlisted nominees have been decided for the upcoming Union Awards! Scroll through below to see who is shortlisted.

Nominations deliberation and shortlists were decided on by a panel comprising of: 

  • An Officer Trustee. 
  • Student Activities Manager or Representation Manager. 
  • Student Activities Coordinator or Representation Coordinator. 
  • 2 x Student Representative Volunteers

To find out this year's winners, come along to the Union Awards night on Friday, 31 May. We can't wait to celebrate the incredible Imperial community with you all and recognise the excellence of our CSPs, student volunteers and Imperial staff!

Please click here to register your attendance.


Staff Awards

Awards Shortlist
Outstanding PhD Supervision  Christopher Peters
Stefano Angioletti-Uberti
Joseph van Batenburg-Sherwood
Spyridon Masouros
Outstanding Personal Tutoring 

Audrey Gaulard
Dr Hatice Bahar Sahin

Emma Passmore
Roberto Rinaldi Sobrinho
Weston Baxter

Outstanding Professional Support Staff  Alice Collins
Clodagh Li
Josie Ann Howard
Sharad Patel
Hannah Behague
Outstanding Contribution to Student Community and Wellbeing  David Labonte
Naomi Jackson-Macfarlane
Zuzanna Rydz
Outstanding Teaching  Alexander Whittaker
Dr Hatice Bahar Sahin
Nicolas Wu
Paul Dauncey
Professor Stuart M Haslam
Ravi Singh
Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant  Cecil Lee-Grant
Jamie Willis
Jonah McLeod


CSP Awards

Awards Shortlist
Event of the Year  Analytics for Society Awards 2024
IDEA Dance Show 2024
Emergencies in Plastics Conference 2023
New Club, Society, or Project of the Year   FemTech
ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Society
Malayali Society
Neurotechnology Society
Orthopaedics Society
Most Improved Club, Society, or Project of the Year  Algorithmic Trading Society
IC Volleyball
ICU Snooker & Pool
IC Radio
Club, Society, or Project of the Year  FemTech
IC Barbell
IC Radio
ICU Cricket Club
IC Volleyball
Campaign of the Year  Imperial Climate Action
Dr Me Project
Plant Based Universities Campaign


Student Awards

Awards Shortlist
UG Representation Team of the Year  ICSMSU Academics Representation Team
ICSMSU Welfare
PG Representation Team of the Year  Adam Rice and Arianna Mortinni
FoE PGR Rep Team
PGR Representation Committee
UG Academic Representative of the Year  Chloe Lee
Dhyey Trivedi
Ingrid Fung
Mahanoor Syed
Salik Akhtar
UG Wellbeing Representative of the Year  Deniz Beydagi
Julia Purrinos De Oliveira
Maryam Fetanat
PG Representative of the Year  Aida Manzano Kharman
Deniz Etit
Nan Fletcher-Lloyd
Inclusivity Award  Haru Yeoh
IQ (Imperial College LGBT+)
The Reconstructing the Stereotype Conference
Women in Mechanical Engineering (WiME) part of MechSoc
Sustainability Award  Green Careers Fair - ESoc, Climate Entrepreneurs, Engineers without Borders, ChemEng Soc, Imperial+
Imperial Climate Action
Plant Based Universities Campaign
Simran Patel
Student and Staff Partnership Award  Faculty of Medicine x ICSMSU Academics - First Ever Mock Finals (Y6 Formative PACES)
Silwood Park Students' Union and Clara Bradberry
IC Radio + Vinesha Veramani, Roberto Sorrentino