Imperial College Union Statement on Qatar World Cup

Thursday 17 November 2022 16:53

We are showing the FIFA World Cup 2022 in our venues as we know that a large number of our members want to watch and support their national teams compete in the competition, and want to do so in our venues which are operated for them. We also recognise that the hosting of the tournament in Qatar is controversial and has raised significant criticism internationally. We condemn the reported conditions of the workforce employed on the project in Qatar, and also the treatment that some minority groups receive in the country – this is contrary to our organisational values, particularly of inclusivity.

We invite the entire Imperial community to come and watch their teams compete in our venues which we intend to be a safe, welcoming and diverse environment for all. We also encourage you to educate yourself on what has been happening in the country from a trusted news source or international organisations such as Human Rights Watch or Amnesty International.