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How was Imperial College for you?

Monday 8 February 2021 10:36

Hello there, final year Undergrad! 

You've probably heard about the National Student Survey (NSS) quite a few times now, and you'll most likely get bombarded with messages to complete it. The reason that is happening is because this survey (just like the Student Experience Survey) actually has an impact and helps inform changes that the College and the Union are making to improve student life. 

The NSS gives you the opportunity to comment on all aspects of your experience at the College and the results are widely published and used by future students to make choices and by universities to improve the student experience. It asks you to rate the extent to which you agree with 27 statements grouped into 9 subject areas such as teaching on your course, the support you received from staff members and the resources you were given to support your learning. You will also be able to highlight any particularly positive or negative aspects on your student experience.

You might have never met them, but final year Undergraduates before you have given us lots of feedback that has shaped your own experience at the College in the here and now. As one of our final year Undergraduates you have a significant role in shaping the experience of future students at Imperial, so have your say!