Find your local representatives

As a London resident, you have many representatives:

  • Ward Councillors
    Ward Councillors are your most local representatives; you will have three Ward Councillors for the small geographical area you live in. You can see a list of the wards where our students live or explore a map of the ward boundaries.
  • Members of the London Assembly
    London Assembly members cover larger areas of the city, and are responsible for holding the Mayor of London to account on city-wide issues such as crime, transport and the environment.
  • Members of the European Parliament
    London's eight members of the EU Parliament 
  • Members of the UK Parliament
    Members of Parliament (MPs) represent approximately 60,000 residents; a total of 650 MPs are elected to the House of Commons in Westminster. The Government of the United Kingdom, including the Prime Minister, is drawn from the membership of the House. You can see a list of the constituencies where our students live or explore a map of the constituency boundaries.

You can find the names and contact details of all of your representatives using the Write to Them service, available here.

Imperial College Union has begun a programme of engaging all of the representatives currently elected to cater for the needs of our students. A list of Ward Councillors who have 500+ students in their ward, and MPs with 1000+ students, has been drawn up and the current holders of the positions invited to meet the Sabbatical team of Imperial College Union.