Student Consultation Framework

Who we consulted

People and committees who have been individually consulted and their feedback incorporated into the framework:

  • Union Council
  • Business School Programme Quality Committee
  • Engineering Faculty Teaching Committee
  • Medicine Strategic Education Committee
  • Faculty of Natural Sciences Teaching Committee
  • Quality Assurance and Enhancement Committee
  • Masters Quality Committee- MLSPD
  • Masters Quality Committee- BEP
  • Vice Provost’s Advisory Group for Education
  • Debra Humphris, Vice Provost (Education)
  • Denis Wright, Director of Student Support
  • Muir Sanderson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Dean Pateman, Academic Registrar
  • Simon Archer, College Tutor
  • Jonathan Narcross and JP Jones, College Communications
  • Lorraine Craig, Department of Earth Science and Engineering
  • Stephen Richardson, Associate Provost (Institutional Affairs)
  • Bridgette Duncombe, Department of Chemistry
  • Jenny Higham, Vice Dean (Education and Institutional Affairs), Faculty of Medicine
  • Jon Tucker, Faculty Operating Officer, Business School
  • Jeremy Bradley, Department of Computing
  • Emma Caseley and Jemma Allan, Education Office
  • Mike Russell and Saul Batzofin, ICT
  • Simon Harding-Roots, Chief Operations Officer
  • Rachel Hounslow and William Brown, Student Academic Representatives, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Mariza de-Souza, James Murphy, Michaela Salacinski (Academic Affairs Officers), Steve Tran (ICSMSU President)
  • Rebecca Middleton and Alan Spivey, Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Diane Morgan, Business School
  • Stephen Curry, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the department of Life Sciences
  • Tony Lawrence, Director of Financial Management
  • Shaun Crofton and Patrick Leavers, Mechanical Engineering
  • Elspeth Farrar, Careers
  • Sue Gibson, Director of the Graduate School
  • Sue Smith and Martin Lupton, Medicine
  • Susan Eisenbach, Computing
  • Nick Roalfe, Estates
  • Tom Miller and Caroline Davis, College Communications
  • John Neilson, College Secretary
  • James Stirling, Provost
  • Dermot Kelleher, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
  • Jeff Magee, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering
  • Anand Anandalingam, Dean of the Business School
  • Maggie Dallman, Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences
  • Campus Services department

*This consultation took place during the Spring Term of 2013/14

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