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Say hello and get involved with Management Groups!

Imperial College Union
Monday 20 May 2024 16:20

Got plans this Wednesday afternoon? Now you do! Come down to the Queen’s Lawn to get to know some of our senior volunteers at Imperial College Union, what they do for the student community and Clubs, Societies, and Projects (CSPs), and how you can get involved as well!

We’ll be hosting our first-ever CSP Management Group Fair and breaking down the need-to-know info about all things Management Groups. Alongside saying hello to our friendly volunteers, we’ll also be giving away free goodies and treats for you to enjoy along the way.

We’ve asked current ICU Deputy President (DP Clubs & Societies), Christian, about his experience in a Management Group prior to his DP role, and to define what these groups actually do.

Get your questions answered below or drop by this Wednesday, 22nd of May at the Queen’s Lawn from 1pm.


What is a Management Group (MG) Committee?

Management Group Committees are elected students who represent CSPs, and their members, within a particular sector. Every CSP is represented by an MG Committee who support them to run successful events, assist in managing their finances, and, most importantly, represent their views and issues to the Union.

This ensures that the voices of CSPs and individual members are heard and actively contributes to the successful and impactful delivery of all student activity at ICU.


Why is it important to raise awareness of the work that MG committees do?

MG Committees play a vital role in representing and advising students, but the work they do often flies under the radar. These Committees require student input and understanding to function, which is also why we want to highlight their work and activities in contributing to student life and community experiences at Imperial.

By showcasing MG Groups, we want to applaud the amazing work they all do and also encourage other students to get involved in the future and contribute to the Imperial experience.


As a former MG Committee member, what were the most useful skills and experiences that you got out of the work? 

Running a Management Group helps you develop countless skills, from being able to effectively manage finances and budget, to representing members and providing a space for development.

The skills learned as an MG Committee Member are highly sought after in careers and set students up with invaluable knowledge and expertise outside of their academic courses. 


Why should you join us at the CSP Management Group Fair on Wednesday the 22nd May? 

I would come to the CSP Management Group Fair to learn more about the role of Management Groups, provide your insight and experience as members and leaders of CSPs, and to see whether you could benefit from volunteering with a management group! 

The more student insight and unique experiences you can provide, the better MGs can function and provide effective operations, so make sure to come down and have a chat to get your voice heard about everything CSP life.

Come along to Queen’s Lawn at 1pm on Wednesday the 22nd of May, to talk to current volunteers, Officer Trustees, and Union Staff about Management Groups, both to understand the work they do, and to see whether you could be up for the job. See you there!