Sam Lee

Officer Trustee Update: Deputy President (Finance & Services)

Deputy President (Finance & Services)
Tuesday 23 November 2021 15:19

Wow, how are we getting this close to the end of term already? This term has been a whirlwind of excitement and stress, ups and downs, calm and panic, but this year feels so much better than it did last year. Starting this role in lockdown and during a major transformation for the Union last year was difficult, and never saw the role in the light I had seen it before.

I had been eagerly wanting to see students enjoying themselves in our venues and feeling the buzz of campus and seeing the changes I make in this role come to life. This year has finally allowed this to happen and it has been so great to see students on-campus and enjoying themselves again!

The Union is at a turning point, we have changed for the better, but there is still more to do and here are some of the highlights of what I have done so far this term to continue this:

  • Reviewed and initiated an action plan of how we can better support and enhance our casual student staff – including raising the casual pay rate to above London Living Wage.
  • Brought a welcome week of events that were student-focussed and aimed at students, something that has long been lacking.
  • Completed a renovation of the Union Concert Hall on Level 2 of the Union building, creating a space that is fit for the theatrical societies that use it, but also a space that is multi-purpose to enable a wider scope of clubs & societies to make use of Union space.
  • Worked with the Student Opportunities & Development Team to improve the responsiveness of the team, and improve CSP processes to better support this. As well as supporting the team to deliver in-person drop-in sessions for CSPs to get immediate responses.
  • Started building a strong relationship with the Campus Services team of the College, so student issues and views can be raised around areas that are just as important for students to be involved in where we haven’t previously.
  • Worked with Nathalie (DP Welfare) to implement a suite of changes to our venues to ensure they are safe for all students.
  • Supported India (DPCS) on initiating a review into Imperial Athletes to ensure we are delivering what students want and how they want it.

It has been a great term, and I will continue working through this term and the rest of the year to deliver change to the Union and the College that you want. I have many more projects coming up and if you would like to hear more please feel free to contact me on .