Daniel, DP Education

5 Reasons You Should Stand in the Autumn Elections!

Deputy President (Education)
Friday 8 October 2021 13:32

Nominations are open for the Autumn Elections, and there are loads of positions that you should consider running for: 
Academic Representatives speak up for students on education issues such as coursework, feedback and learning resources. There's a Rep for every Year group and every Department for both UGs and PGs.  

Wellbeing Representatives campaign and lobby on issues affecting students' lives, such as stress, finances, relationships and health. There's a Rep for every Year group and every Department for UGs. 

Postgraduate Academic & Welfare Officers (AWO) are responsible receiving and collating student feedback from the PG course representatives in their faculty and raising it to faculty or College level staff and/or the Union as appropriate. We are looking for 4 PG Taught and 3 PG Research AWOs.  

Council Representatives propose and agree Imperial College Union's policies on critical issues such as tuition fees, widening access and the environment.  

Liberation & Community Officers are volunteers elected by the student body in our Elections - they chair their respective Liberation or Community network to tackle particular problems faced by their members. In this election, students can run or vote for their Interfaith Officer. 

Liberation & Community Network Committees are responsible for organising campaigns, building a community and fostering the wellbeing with our nine Liberation & Community Networks.  

Constituent Union Committees organise social events and campaigns within their communities, as well as maintain Imperial's traditions and mascots.  

Clubs, Societies & Projects Committees ensure their activities are managed in the interest of members. 
Here’s why YOU (yes YOU!) should stand! 

1) You might change a student’s life: if you’re successful, a decision you make in a meeting could support a student to have a more enriching or fulfilling experience while they are studying at Imperial.  
2) You’ll develop new skills: running in an election teaches you critical skills you may not learn on your course, such as inter-personal communication, the ability to write persuasively, and marketing skills. If you win, there’s a whole host of skills you can put on your CV – including representing students at meetings, advocacy, negotiation skills, and time management.  
3) Gain confidence: simply by standing, you are empowering yourself and others to make a difference.  
4) You’ll meet new people: whether it’s people on your course, or as part of a community, you will meet lots of new people who you can share your ideas with about how the College, or the union, should be run. 
5) It’s lots of fun: running in an election is a really fun experience! Whether you win or lose, it always feels rewarding. Being a rep is also a great way to make new friends.  
Don’t hesitate - click on https://vote.union.ic.ac.uk/ and nominate yourself! If you have any questions, get in touch with us at representation@imperial.ac.uk