A picture of Dylan, Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) 22-23

Dylan's First 100 Days in Office

Deputy President (Clubs & Societies)
Monday 21 November 2022 10:13

Manifesto Aims:

  • Digital Transformation: We’ve started the requirements gathering for a huge Digital Transformation project. The project is likely to go on for longer than I’m here, with the aim of a complete overall of Union systems, bringing them up to date and setting them up for the future!
  • Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities: Although much is still to be done, a funding proposal for advertising screens for CSPs has been completed. We’ll soon begin working on creating frameworks to enable CSPs to access a wider range of online advertising too. Sponsorship discussions have begun as well, with the aim of delivering a framework for student consultation soon!
  • Environmental Change: Together with Niamh, I’m investigating opportunities for the Union to reduce its carbon footprint through improved waste management and measurements of environmental impact.
  • Improved Communication: Much of the outdated information on eActivities has now been moved to the central Union website, although there’s still more to go.
  • Fixes for Union systems: The Union has not implemented a ticketing system on the Helpdesk. A new budgeting process is set to go live early in 2023 and Niamh and I are working to update and improve the budgeting policy for CSPs. I promise we’re working on the minibuses too…
  • Imperial/LSE Festival of Sport: LSE have stated a keen interest in hosting an all-day varsity-style event with us. Work is being done to finalise this so we can batter them at everything and show them who’s boss.


Other things:

  • ADF: Our largest-ever ADF funding round is currently being distributed, with over £18,000 handed out to CSPs
  • Trips: Our recent trips funding round allocated close to £8,000. We’ve also sent CSP trip reports to the IC Trust, who I’m sure will enjoy the 330 pages we included.
  • New Activities: 10 new CSPs have now been placed in the Incubator. Congratulations to those involved for getting these underway!