Union Awards FAQs

Here you can find some frequently asked questions pertaining to the Annual Union Awards. 

I want to nominate - how do I do it?   

All you need to do is log in to the website and use the form on the Union Awards page. Remember that only full members are able to nominate for the Awards. Select the award category you wish to nominate the person, group or event for, and then start typing the name of the person, group or event in the ‘nominee’ box.  

Things to remember are that the person may be known by a different name by you. You are always able to write in free text. If you do this, please put the department and year of the person you are nominating in the nomination text so we can make sure that the right person gets the award! Then, write the nomination text in the text box and press Submit. You’ll be able to click away from the page at any time and your text will be saved.

What makes a good nomination?   

When writing the nomination, write it like the person who will be reading it knows absolutely nothing about the person, group or event you are nominating.   Writing “Kemi deserves this award because they are wonderful and have done amazing things this year” is a guaranteed way for Kemi not to receive an award. Look at the criteria for the award (which can be found here) and use this to frame your nomination. Provide specific examples where you have made a statement. For example, how did the event ‘stand out’ and what was its impact?

Top tips for writing a nomination   

  • Assume those who are assessing your nomination know nothing
  • Talk about the outcome and the impact
  • Don’t write in jargon or abbreviations 
  • Structure your nominations X has done this, Y is the outcome and Z is the impact
  • Show your evidence – it is all good and well making a claim but back it up with evidence of specific examples.
  • When thinking about the difference they have made, how were things before they began? How are they now? What makes your candidate different from others doing the same thing?
  • Don’t make sweeping generalisations – nominations need to have enough details to make the case for the nominee's achievement
  • Write with passion but give as much specific information as you can
  • Talk about the challenges that the nominee may have faced and how they dealt with them 

Who should I nominate and can I make more than one nomination?   

You will know of, experienced and seen MANY people, events, CSPs, Reps etc here at Imperial, so you can surely think of many who deserve recognition, so then put forward a nomination for them all! They will all need their own individual nomination.

Does a nomination automatically get an award if they receive more than one nomination?   

Not necessarily. Awards are decided by a panel and are judged on the information provided by the nominator to see if the nomination meets the criteria. Someone may have received 20+ nominations but if the nominations don’t show how the criteria are met, then the panel have very little to make a decision on. 

Who decides about the Awards?

Different students are invited to serve on panels to help decide who wins the awards. These panel meetings take place over the course of a week in May. The Union president selects the panel members, some of which serve on Union Council. Specific awards (Colours, Fellowship, and Outstanding Service) are ratified by Union Council. 

Woohoo! I was nominated for an award! What happens next?   

You will receive an email saying that you have been nominated and inviting you to join fellow awardees at a ceremony on Thursday 6th June in Metric. You will be informed as to what category you have been nominated in. Winners are announced on the evening for the majority of the categories and will be announced on our Union website soon after. 

I can't make the ceremony, what happens to my award?   

You can collect your certificate or award from the Union reception from Monday 10th June onwards and if you are unable to come in to College, we can post this to you providing you email us via union@imperial.ac.uk with your details.