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Best Teaching for Postgraduates

Excellence in teaching is characterised by:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Use of original and accessible teaching methods
  • Clarity of learning objectives

The Student Academic Choice Award for Best Teaching for Postgraduates will only accept nominations from currently-studying Master's Postgraduates.

2017: The winner is...

Dr Peter Fitch, Department of Earth Science & Engineering

Lorraine Craig/ Peter Fitch

Pete is like no other teacher I have ever had. When I made the transition from undergraduate physics to postgraduate petroleum engineering, I was sceptical about the lack of personal tutor and doubted whether the teaching would be as engaging as I had before. Peter Fitch has cast any doubt I had about the teaching to one side and has shown every attribute of an excellent teacher.

Past Winners

Ioannis Kountouris Michael Jones
2016: Dr Ioannis Kountours, Centre for Environmental Policy 2015: Dr Michael Jones
SACAs Generic Small 2013 PGT Winner
2014: Dr Mike Tennant, Centre for Environmental Policy 2013: Professor Andrew Purvis, Division of Ecology & Evolution

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