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Best Innovation

Excellence in innovation is characterised by the:

  • Imaginitive use of technology
  • Early adoption of new methods
  • Use of online and mobile technologies in learning & teaching.

2017: The winner is...

Dr Bradley Ladewig, Department of Chemical Engineering

Bradley Ladewig

Brad is the most innovative lecturer I've come across. For Nuclear Chemical Engineering, He somehow convinced the department to give a lot of money to set up a 4K camera in order to live stream lectures on Facebook. Allowing students to access lecture content on a platform that they're naturally on most of the day allows for a guaranteed exposure to his teaching material. Students can easily comment questions if they're watching but can't be in the lecture theatre and they'll be answered by the lecturer in real time when he reads the comment. 

Past Winners

David Thomas Elizabeth Hauke
2016: Dr David Thomas, Electronic &Electrical Engineering 2015: Dr Elizabeth Hauke, CLCC
SACAS Generic small 2013 Innovation winner
2014: Dr David Dye, Materials 2013: Dr Jane Saffell, Faculty of Medicine

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