Prof Jose Carrillo de la Plata

The winner of the 2016 Student Academic Choice Award for Best Supervision was Prof Jose Carrillo de la Plata, of the Department of Mathematics.

What students said:

"He is one of the rare supervisors who is a leading figure in his field with an incredible amount of publications and research collaborations whilst taking the time to work closely together with his students."

"He puts the Super in Supervision"

  "Doing my PhD under Jose's supervision is a privilege and an incredible opportunity to learn, to mature as a researcher and to see the world by spending an enjoyable and enriching time... He believes in the research abilities of his students and sees them as actual assets, rather than burdens. He has always believed in my ability to produce good and interesting work by guiding me on the right path at all times, and also by never turning down any of my opinions or ideas before thinking about them or encouraging me to try them out. This has actually resulted in me producing work and results which I never knew I was able to produce."