Felix Editor

Keep students informed and lead accountability

Felix is the weekly student publication of Imperial College London, and was founded in 1949. The purpose of the paper is to inform and entertain the student body, whilst holding the College and Union to account. 

You can see published articles of the Felix newspaper on the website.

Felix Editor

The Editor oversees the production of 29 issues of the paper each year, ensuring that it goes to print every week; tasks include content creation, publicity, advertising, copyediting and publishing (any of these tasks can be delegated as the Editor sees fit). They will be responsible and liable for anything that appears in the paper, and will receive the relevant media law training and support to help with this. 

The Editor seeks out contributors and editors for other sections, not to mention encouraging students to write, so they are not responsible for filling out the paper each week. The Editor is the manager of the paper, not the writer.

The Felix Editor is a full-time elected Officer of the Union for 10 months, who is paid a £33k salary (pro-rata). They hold the ultimate responsibility for the operation and publication of the paper, both online an in print, whilst upholding good standards of journalism throughout. They are held to account by Union Council, where they are required to provide a termly report of their activities.

The Editor will work closely with the rest of the Felix committee throughout the year and develop and deliver effective training and support to members in collaboration with Union staff. With the assistance of the Felix committee, the Editor will be responsible for the social maintenance and health of the Felix society.

You can see the full role description for the Felix Editor in the Union's byelaws.

Expectations for Full-Time positions

The Felix Editor is a full-time position which means there are some work expectations for anyone who is successful in being elected into the role.

What is expected of you

If you win, you will be expected to abide by the following:

  • To be present during handover from mid-July 2022 for two weeks - exact dates to be confirmed.
  • To serve your term in office from 1 September 2022 to 31 July 2023.
  • To work no less than 40 hours per week.
  • Some out of hours commitments are expected, including work at weekends.
  • No holiday can be taken in the last two weeks of September due to the start of the new academic year. Similarly, no holiday can be taken in July or the start of August during handover.
  • No external employment unless approved in advance by the Board of Trustees.
  • Must obey Imperial College Union’s Constitution and Bye-laws

What you will get from working with us

Working with us has a number of benefits. As one of our full-time Officers, you will get:

  • The change to develop real life skills, earn valuable experience and build your confidence
  • An annual salary in the region of £33K (pro-rata)
  • 25 days holiday per year, plus College holidays.
  • Full Officer training from the start of your handover, right through to the end of the year.
  • Staff support from all teams and departments.
  • Mentoring and coaching from senior Imperial College Union staff to aid with your personal development.
  • A lively, vibrant working environment where no day is the same.
  • Ability to join the College’s Pension Scheme
  • Interest free travel card loan