CSP Space Access Request & Key Lists

The Union has a number of spaces on campus that enable our CSP's to deliver their activities more effectively or store their equipment. It is important that access to these spaces is managed appropriately for safety, security and insurance. The Union outlines what spaces certain CSP's are allowed to use across our building, it is the responsibility of the committee to tell us, what specific members need what specific access to spaces the CSP are allowed to use.

The page below outlines important information for committee leaders to understand what spaces they have access to as a CSP and the process they must take to request that access is given to certain members. Access to our spaces can be given in 2 different ways, to individuals specifically (personal CID Card Access) or members can be given the right to sign out a card from either the Union helpdesk or Beit Security to gain access to a space you have decided they can use unsupervised (Secure Card Access).

Types of Access You Can Have

  • Personal CID Card Access

    We are able to provide individual members access to spaces where there is a digital card reader. We do this by adding access to their Student Card/Personal CID card. 

    By giving individual members this kind of access, it means they can access that space any time between 8am - 11pm unsupervised. Therefore we recommend you only give this kind of access to committee members and if you have to give it to a member they must be a trusted member. 

    For spaces we can give this kind of access to, please see the Access & Key Lists below. 

  • Secure Card Access

    Managing the security of spaces and who has access to them is really important. Some of our spaces need a card and some need a key to access them. Therefore, we created secure card access to allow members to collect either a card, to tap in to a space, or a key, to open a door. 

    Secure cards and keys are signed out at either the Union Helpdesk or the Beit Security Desk. The card/key will then give the member access to a specific space(s) in our building(s). Once they have finished in the space, the card or key has to be returned to the right desk.

    We recommend committee members give this kind of access to members so it can managed who can access what spaces when the committee members are around. You should only be allowing members this access if they can use these spaces unsupervised.

    For spaces we can give this kind of access to, please see the Access & Key Lists below. To give members this kind of access, please see the access request process below. 

What spaces can your CSP request access to?

Due to the way our card readers work across the college, our spaces are grouped into 'Key Lists'. To get access to a space, we have to add members to a Key List.

A Key List can represent a number of spaces or a single space. 

Key Lists are catagorised by the type of access (outlined above) they will allow. Key Lists 0-20 for you to add members to allow secure card access and Key Lists Above 100 are ones we will add Personal CID Card Access too. 

Certain CSPs only have access to certain spaces and therefore, the permission to request access to those spaces/use those key lists only. You can find out what spaces and key lists your CSP is allowed access to, by checking our spreadsheet below. 

Check What Spaces and Key Lists Your CSP is allowed to Access Here. 

Principal CSP committee members (Chair/Secretary/Treasurer) can submit a request to have access to spaces which the Union will review and approve. They can then use the process below to request access types for members and committee members.

Process to request access for Members & Committee Members

We advise that all CSP's who need to sort out their access complete this process in September each year to set up their committees with the right access. You can then submit this form through out the year to continually provide new members or additional members with access to your spaces. 

  • Step 1 - Check your CSP Space Permission

    Make sure your CSP can access the spaces that it needs to by checking the spreadsheet above. If they are all correct, there is nothing further for you to do. If your group isn't listed on a space you need access to, add it to the Space Access Request Form below. 

  • Step 2 - Make a List of who needs access to where

    You should determine who in your club, society or project needs access, why need access and what type of access they need? Please use the format below when submitting your request:

    Full name, CID number

    Adding members to your key lists gives them unlimited access to your spaces. We want to make sure we maintain areas around the building as best we can but more importantly  you need to make sure your equipment, spaces and members safe.

  • Step 3 - Submit a Space Access Request Form

    Once you've worked out what spaces you need access, and who needs access to where your committee, you need to make sure you submit the below form correctly.

    You no longer have to add people onto E-activities to request their access. You have to use the space access request form below. 

    Submit a Space Access Request Form

  • Step 4 - The Union Will Review Your Request

    All requests are reviewed on Tuesdays. Once your form has been processed, you will receive a confirmation email that it has been actioned.

    Secure Card Access will be granted immediately but for Personal CID Card Access, it may take an extra few days as we have to pass this request over the CID team at the college to process access onto CID cards. 

  • Step 5 - Use your spaces and Monitor Them!

    Enjoy the spaces around the union building and put the best year of activities on you can!

    We have implemented a report and support form for any problems you may find with sharing spaces and storage with other groups. You will notice outside each room is a QR poster available for any student to report maintenance, damage or irresponsible behaviour to the Union. These will be checked weekly and actioned appropriately.


We will add more FAQ's as we receive them from individuals