LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBT+ History Month 2022

LGBT+ History Month  was introduced in order to educate people about the queer community, a group that historically has been erased and discriminated against, as well as to celebrate the parts of our history that are often overlooked. The overall aim is to promote equality and diversity, and increase the visibility of LGBT+ people's history, lives, and experiences. Read more on how to celebrate it and how to be an ally here.

Meet the Community 

Two years ago, a part of our LGBT+ Community  shared their thoughts and experiences with us through a collaboration photo campaign with IQ and Stevie Lam. Have a look!

Hear from the community: 


This year’s LGBT+ History Month program has been developed in partnership with students from IQ (Imperial’s LGBT+ Society), and the LGBT+ Officer. This program celebrates people who identify as LGBT+ and educates peers on topics that are affecting the community today.

These events are open to everyone, whether or not you identify as LGBT+ yourself. In fact we encourage non-LGBT+ people to attend - who knows, you might just learn something new! 

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Date and Time

Tue 2 Feb

12:00 - 2.00 

Launch of LGBT history month. Stall in Dangoor Plaza with your LGBT+ officer and President of IQ

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Sherfield building

Thu 10 Feb


Dolly Trolley Drag Aerobics

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Thu 10 Feb


Dolly Trolley Drag Aerobics Buy tickets

Thu 17 Feb


LGBT+ Careers Panel


Mon 28 Feb


LGBT+ Film screening

Paris is Burning & Pride

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Weds 23 Feb


Finding Inclusive Employers


Fri 25 Feb

Metric presents: Glitterbomb

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Sat 27 Feb

2:00 - 4:30pm

Vogueing Workshop & Q&A