Culture & Behaviour

All Clubs, Societies and Projects (CSPs) are expected to uphold the values and expectations of the Students' Union. It is the duty of CSP committee members to ensure that the activities delivered, the actions of your committee and the behaviour of all members are inline with the Union's values and expectations. The Union's role is to ensure that we robustly manage any complaints or concerns raised to us, and support CSPs to create positive cultures within their student groups. There are a range of ways in which the Union supports groups to build better cultures and tackle issues that are raised. 

Strike Policy

This policy sets out the methods used by the Students’ Union to handle Clubs, Societies and Projects’ failure to comply with administrative processes, procedures, policies, misbehaviour within CSP or poor culture values within a CSP. The aims of this policy are: 

  • To support the fair and correct usage of space and resources 

  • To ensure Health, Safety and Legislation compliance are continually upheld 

  • To prevent reoccurring issues within CSP activities 

  • To hold CSP committee members accountable for upholding the Union’s Values on a regular basis and creating a positive culture within our communities.  

This policy applies to all Clubs, Societies and Projects of Imperial College Union including all their members and any activities they deliver in any location. 

The Union keeps a record of all strikes that are issued to a student group, once a group reached three strikes, they will be asked to complete a culture and behaviour review plan. 

Read the Full Policy Here

CSP Complaints

The Union often receives both informal and formal complaints about Clubs, Societies and Project Committee Members and Members. These can be emailed directly to the activities manager on or to the Deputy President Clubs and Societies on 

When we receive complaints, we access what we receive and choose the best policy to apply when handling the issue, it may be the strike policy linked above, the CSP policy if it is about a committee member, group of individuals or a CSP in general. If a specific member has had a complaint, we will use the complaints and memebers disciplinary bye-law.

CSP Culture Review Project

The Union over the past years have received a number of complaints and feedback from members and committee members of CSP's highlighted that there are a range of cultural issues in our student communities. This year, Dylan and Nathalie have decided to take action on working with groups to make positive change within CSPs. We will be bringing a wide range of stakeholders onboard to help us shape what we think a good culture looks like for different communities.