Groups of students smiling at each other, representing the Strategy 2023-28

Strategy 2023-2028: A High Performing Students’ Union

Imperial College Union unveils ambitious 5-Year Strategy to transform student experience.

Imagine a student experience at Imperial College London that champions mental wellbeing, fosters inclusive communities, and empowers students to influence university life. This is the ambitious vision outlined in the Imperial College Union's (ICU) bold new five-year strategy, titled "A High Performing Students' Union."

Building the Future: Our Ten Strategic Focus Areas

Developed through extensive student and staff consultation, the strategy identifies ten key areas that we believe are crucial for a fulfilling student experience. These areas encompass a wide range, from academic success and mental well-being to fostering a strong sense of belonging through inclusive communities:

  1. The Union must effectively empower students to influence the College to improve all aspects of College life.
  2. Championing good student mental health and wellbeing must be at the cornerstone of ICU’s work to foster belonging.
  3. Students view academic success as most important to their Imperial experience.
  4. Students value their ability to participate in, and develop through, communities to foster a sense of belonging, but they need to be inclusive to all students.
  5. Students strongly identify with being an Imperial student, but ICU itself does not have a clear brand.
  6. Students have high expectations of ICU, and these should be met through high quality service provision and events.
  7. The partnership and collaboration between the College and the Union is valued by both College and Union staff.
  8. ICU should advocate for academic and social space for students at all campuses.
  9. The ICU Senior Management team must be responsible for developing a positive, equitable working culture which empowers and champions high performing staff.
  10. ICU should rethink how it embraces Imperial traditions in the context of being inclusive to all students.

Empowering Students, Building Communities

At the core of the strategy are three overarching goals that will guide the Union's work to fulfil its mission to become a high-performing Students' Union run by and for students, with exceptional services and people, which positively transforms the lives of all Imperial College Students:

  • To be an effective influence and advocate for all students.
  • To support and enhance the well-being of students.
  • To strengthen and help create active and inclusive student communities.

I am confident that our strategy will have a transformative impact on the student experience at Imperial... This strategy gives us the platform to help students create the change they want to see within their university, and shape the impact they want Imperial to have in wider society. I hope every student past, present and prospective feels its benefits.

Camille Boutrolle, Imperial College Union President 

These goals work together to empower students, create a supportive environment, and foster a sense of belonging that allows them to thrive during their time at Imperial.

Building Strong Foundations: Enablers for Success

To achieve these ambitious goals, the Union has identified seven key enablers that will support the delivery of our strategy:

  1. A positive, equitable, and collaborative working culture for high-performing staff.
  2. Sustainable, ethical resources and infrastructure.
  3. A future-focused relationship with the College.
  4. Strong, accessible democracy and effective governance.
  5. Engaging in communication and strong identity.
  6. Integrated and innovative use of technology and data.
  7. Comprehensive research, policy and insight.

Shared Values, Shared Goals

Guiding the Union's work towards achieving these goals and missions are three core values:

  • We act with INTEGRITY.
  • We are INCLUSIVE in everything we do.
  • We are INNOVATIVE in our approach

Our values aren’t just a list of words in a strategic plan. They govern who we are, how we work and everything we do at Imperial College Union.

Our partnership is crucial to create an even more diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment at Imperial where our students can thrive. I’m pleased to endorse the Union’s three goals in this strategy. Our entire Imperial community is justifiably proud of all that we have achieved together over recent decades in education, research and innovation. We are not resting on our laurels, however, and will continue to explore new ways to support our wonderful students so that they can reach their full potential. 

- Professor Hugh Brady, President of Imperial College London

A New Chapter for Imperial Students

With a clear vision, dedicated staff, and strong core values, the ICU's 5-year strategy promises an exciting new chapter for Imperial College students.  This collaborative effort between the Union and the College ensures a supportive environment where every student can thrive and empowering them to succeed academically, find belonging, and actively shape the future of their university.