Graduate Students' Union

Our Vision

We want to enhance the educational experience and development of all postgraduate students across all campuses. As one of the constituent unions we make sure that the voice of postgraduate students is heard by both the Union and the College.

Every action we make as a Graduate Student Union is guided by our values identified by Imperial College Union: LEADERSHIP - PARTNERSHIP- DEMOCRACY - INCLUSIVITY

About – What is the GSU?

The Graduate Students' Union (GSU) is the representative body within the Imperial College Union for the postgraduate community across all Imperial campuses. The GSU works alongside the Imperial College Union President to ensure that the requirements of postgraduate students are catered for. The GSU also ensures that postgraduates' social and recreational needs are met and holds a number of events during the year – check out our Upcoming Events. 

 Postgraduate students at Imperial are at the forefront of the research done and the experience they have as a student should be the best. Therefore, at the GSU we ensure that this happens (and you’d be pleasantly surprised how much goes on behind the scenes to do this!). The work we do focuses on the academic, welfare and social needs of postgraduates.

Committee structure

All committee members are students studying in a Master’s or PhD program and who volunteer for the GSU in their free time. The committee is organized in four teams and we also have contact points in each of the major campuses:

  • Education and Welfare: Faculty representatives for the research and teaching branch are important connection points between the PG Rep community of each faculty and the GSU.
  • Communications: This team of creatives promotes all our GSU activities and provides regular content for the website, newsletter and felix.
  • Activities and Events: Busy bees in this team make sure the GSU offers a wide range of exciting events and cooperate with the Imperial College Union team to make them happen.
  • Sponsorship: Thanks to them the GSU receives internal and external funding for all our activities, and they make sure our bills are paid and funds are spent correctly.
  • Campus officers (Hammersmith, Silwood, White City): The GSU wants to expand activities to involve students from all campuses. The campus officers are the connection points to channel information across all Imperial College sites.

Here you can see our committee in one quick overview:

Get involved

All roles are well defined but also flexible; at the end, we are a team. Our elected officers help where there is a particular area of interest…or crisis! Remember, you don’t have to be an official committee member to help out either, if there’s something you’d like to organise or change on a short-term basis. Working with the GSU is fun and teaches us a lot of transferrable skills!

 Whether you are a Masters, MRes or Doctoral Research student, you automatically are a member of the GSU. If you have any questions or would like to find out more, please get in touch by emailing:

 In this vein, we take this opportunity to thank you for voting for us and look forward to serving you and ensuring your postgraduate experience is a well-rounded and happy one!

If you are interested in joining the committee for 2019/20 stand for a position in the Leadership Elections 2019. More information about the available roles can be found on the Leadership Elections webpages

GSU in Felix

Every first Friday of the month, we now have a monthly ‘Postgraduate’ column in the Felix newspaper for various stories and articles around the postgraduate community. If you’d like to write about something, too, we would love to hear from you. Here you can submit your supervision story in anonymous form.

All Felix editions are available under Find here some examples of our first ‘Postgraduate’ columns:

December 2018

January 2019

February 2019

Upcoming events

BlockHack hackathon (co-host, 23 and 24 February)

Fintech & Blockchain Conference 2019 (co-host, 28 February)

GSU Connect (20 and 27 February)

PG Black Tie Ball (Saturday 8 June)

IC Data Challenge (date coming out soon)