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What makes 'phở' or 'bánh mì' so special? What is Tết and how is it celebrated? I've heard of Hạ Long Bay, is it as cool as people say it is? Imperial College Vietnamese Society (VietSoc) will answer any questions you have about Vietnam, its vibrant way of life, phenomenal food and lovely people! The Society aims to promote Vietnamese culture within the diverse community at Imperial College through events such as the Mid-Autumn Festival dinner (Trung Thu), games nights and the Lunar New Year dinner (Tết), to name but a few. Expect a myriad of signature dishes which makes Vietnamese food so famous across the globe (sorry flat-earthers)! We also host socials in collaboration with other Vietnamese Societies in London, offering members a chance to make valuable connections outside of Imperial. Anyone is welcome to attend our events, which will all be hosted in English so fear not if you don't speak the language - we will show you how to pronounce words like 'Tết' and 'Phở'! Fancy finding out a bit more? Join us now to meet other culturally-adventurous people, enjoy authentic Vietnamese bites and be a part of our tight-knit community!

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