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The Turkish Society is a group in which Imperial students and staff from Turkish, Turkic and non-Turkish backgrounds may come together in celebration of Turkish culture and tradition. The Society strives for Turkish students from all walks of life to find a friendly community amongst our society. A string of lively and stimulating events are set throughout the year to ensure that this community remains close-knit and supportive of one another; including weekly Games Nights, termly inter-society meals and an excursion to the annual London Anatolian Festival.

The Turks have a long and rich history stemming from Central Asia, when Turks were a nomadic people. Over the course of thousands of years the Turkish people have since spread out into the world, and have now formed significant communities spanning from Central Asia to the Balkans and from the Middle East to Siberia. More recently, in post-modern times, significant Turkish communities have developed in places such as Germany, France and particularly in North London.

Everyone is welcome to join and participate in our events and we are open to collaborations with other societies.

We would like to welcome you to our society with our traditional greeting ‘Hoşgeldiniz’.”

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