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Bo, the 1902 veteran car, and Derrick, the 1926 veteran motorcycle are the motorised mascots of the CGCU. Join us, work on these vehicles, and continue decades of CGCU history. Boanerges, or Bo as he is affectionately known, serves as the City & Guilds College Union's official motorised mascot. Built in 1902, this James & Browne was purchased by Guilds students in 1933 and has remained with the college ever since. Derrick, the 1926 Ner-A-Car is the second motorised mascot of the CGCU. They are some of the most exercised veteran vehicles still on the road, maintained by the dedicated students of Imperial. We take part in the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run each November, and we are keen to take out these vehicles for a drive as often as possible throughout the year. Thanks to the early 20th century engineering, we also have plenty of opportunities to get our hands dirty performing maintenance and servicing. Our regular Wednesday afternoon garage sessions are often followed by a well-earned visit to the pub. Don’t worry, these pieces of early British automotive engineering are very simple, you can easily understand how they work, even without previous mechanical experience. If you are keen on cars or motorcycles, looking for a practical, hands-on pastime, or the romance of the early 1900s makes your heart beat faster, we offer beautiful historic vehicles, good company, and fun events throughout the year – get in touch via email or social media.

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