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TaeKwonDo is a Korean martial art renowned for its kicks. Our classes allow students to improve their fitness and flexibility whilst learning patterns, sparring and self-defence.Regardless of gender, size or experience training allows the development techniques for power, speed and accuracy.

We have a World Taekwondo style team and a International Taekwondo Federation style team that represent us in the BUCS league against 50 other universities all over the country. Aside from sporting matters, we take great pride in the ICUTKD team spirit. To ensure that this is kept strong we have an active social schedule including ice skating, dinners, fight camps and training at other universities around the UK.

If you would like to get involved come to our training session, find us on Facebook or "@icutkd" on Instagram

This year, our AGM will be held on the 6th of March (time and location TBC - will be emailed and updated on facebook!) Running for a position which will be a great experience which enables you to influence club decisions! Every Imperial College student member is eligible to stand as a candidate (you must be a full member of the Union, not a Life member or Associate member). More information of how to apply can be found on the Facebook AGM Event. Good luck!

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