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At Tabletop Gaming society we play board games, role-playing games, and Magic: The Gathering as well as various other TCGs on demand and LARP. We are a friendly society and all of our events are suitable for new members! Weekly events for Autumn 2018: Board games, Mondays, 6pm, Blackett 1004 We have a large collection, ranging from heavy strategy games such as A Game of Thrones and Agricola to more social ones like Coup or The Resistance. This diversity gives plenty of opportunity to get involved and start with something simple and entertaining. RPGs, Wednesdays, 6pm, Blackett 1004 Several roleplaying games are run at a time, usually on a weekly basis. We have several systems being played at a time, including the famous Dungeons & Dragons. On occasion we also play several one-off games, designed to give new players a chance to try RPGs out. Magic The Gathering draft, Thursdays, 6pm, Blackett 1004 Draft is a great way to play Magic, Guilds of Ravnica. No need to bring a deck, suitable for all skill levels. If you have never played you can try some sample decks for free. Also join us for commander on Tuesdays from 4pm to 8pm in the Blackett Physics common room. We also run different TCGs and wargames sessions on demand... Look for events on the "What's On" calendar, email us or join our Facebook group!

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