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We are a friendly society running board games, TTRPGs, LARP, and more! This year we are running weekly in-person events, as well as online and in-person socials and more! Our schedule is as follows:

Monday: Boardgames 6pm Blackett Rm 741. Come by to have a fun time playing some of the various games we have amassed in our vault and meet fellow boardgame enthusiasts.

Tuesday: LARP 6-8pm, Location: TBD. We aim to have a session every two weeks to give an intro to the world of live-action role-playing and practicing sword fighting.

Wednesday: TTRPG 6pm Blackett Rm 741. Our weekly space for you to fight dragons, overthrow governments, or argue about whether a druid can produce silk when wildshaped into a spider.

Thursday: Magic the Gathering 6pm Blackett Rm 741. Come and get involved with Magic The Gathering, and play a wide variety of formats, depending on what everyone wants to play each week

Novice Monopoly player or veteran GM, come join us for good company!
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