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Interested in synthetic biology? Want to learn more about it, socialise with experts or even get involved in the happenings of this exciting field? Then SynBIC, the Synthetic Biology Society at Imperial College, is just for you.

Founded in 2015, SynBIC is Imperial’s major platform for propagating enthusiasm and passion about synbio. Unlike departmental societies, we are accessible to all undergraduates, postgraduates and staff. Our members’ backgrounds include engineering, design and innovation, life sciences and mathematics, reflecting the growing need for multidisciplinary collaborations in synbio!

Last year, we had a members’ base of 220+ subscriptions, and ran synbio journal clubs, panel discussions, iGEM information and recruitment sessions and the very popular SynBIC Seminar Series. This year, we are also bringing to you more co-hosted events and workshops, placement opportunities, more “SynBio at the Pub” nights and more chances to win conference tickets, DNA sequencing vouchers and volunteering opportunities at Imperial Festival and other Sciences events around London.

If you would like to know more, contact us on and don't forget to come see us at Freshers' Fair, we would love to hear from you!





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