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Tapas. La Liga. Flamenco. Jamón. Siesta. Paella. Tortilla. Fiesta. If these words mean anything to you, this is your place. If they don't, join us and find out! ¡Bienvenidos! It is our gusto, as the official Spanish Society at Imperial College, to welcome you to a close-knit community of Spanish (and Spanish-speaking) students, as well as the main hub of Spanish culture promotion amongst all other students. We enjoy living Spanish culture along the lines of its founding values; familiarity, solidarity and determined optimism. With activities ranging from organised Reggaeton club outings, to Tapas nights, from an intra-societal football league to Mus tournaments, we offer a myriad of activities to reflect how diverse the Spanish culture is. This year, we will also have the opportunity of attending cultural, social and gastronomical events by Spanish artists and personalities across London, and we will arrange informative talks with distinguished companies and personalities. We are here to make you feel at home, be it on a Sunday during a LaLiga match, or whilst you enjoy learning how to make tortilla de patata (con o sin cebolla?).

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