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Miss 'gong jiao wei' (Hokkien for chit chatting) about Army Days with fellow buddies? Longing to be in the company of the only friends who know what acronyms like ERP, PIE, MOE, BCCT stand for? Or just feeling the hunger for Char Kway Teow, Chicken Rice and Laksa? Then Imperial College Singapore Society is the place for you! Get together with your fellow Singaporeans in a whole range of fun-filled and exciting activities including get-togethers where you can show off your culinary skills, embark on trips to various places in UK for the full time travellers/part time students as well as be involved in regular sports sessions to work off the weight gained during winter! Above all, join us to celebrate being Singaporean. There is definitely something for everyone! For non-Singaporeans, you are also welcome to sign up for a taste of what's Uniquely Singapore!

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