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Have you ever petted a shark? Taken a nap on the seabed? Swam inside a WW2 submarine? Our instructors have, on a student budget. Imagine what we could do with actual money!

Our syllabus is provided by the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and we can teach you to drive a boat, find your phone when you drop it overboard and MacGyver a splint using a broken oar, two belts and a pair of gloves. All our instructors are (qualified!) volunteers and we own mountains of kit (and three sexy boats), so our courses are a fraction the cost of training elsewhere.

Beginners follow BSAC's introductory and intermediate courses over winter, capped off with a week-long coastal diving party! Already-qualified divers are welcome year-round, just email us your certification to get started. We go warm-water diving at least three times a year (Lanzarote, Costa Brava and Croatia in 2016, we're gunning for Egypt this year).

Our club calendar lists all of our upcoming trips, courses and socials. We meet at the bar in Beit Quad on Tuesdays around 8pm so come say hi!

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