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Imperial College was founded to supply the engineers to build the Empire, principally through railways. The Rail and Transport Society continues this by fostering close links with the movers and shakers of the modern railway and transport industry, both operational and engineering. Through a regular series of talks and lectures from the heads of the UK transport industry we remain abreast of the keys issues affecting the transport networks we rely on. As a member of ICRTS you will also be able to visit working depots and airports around the country, test-drive modern trains on simulators, and get hands-on work experience of building a working railway with our regular track-laying weekends to the Welsh Highlands. There is no other society able to offer such front-line access to the industry, which will be invaluable to anyone thinking of a future career in the field. The society doesn't forget the past, with many events looking back at the proud history of railways, through visits to heritage sites around the country. So if you want an insight into the vibrant and growing transport industry, or perhaps you have a love of engineering and trains/planes/buses/ships, then the Rail and Transport Society is for you.

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