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Imperial College Pokémon Society (or ICPokéSoc, for short) is a newly-formed community of Pokémon lovers! Whether you’re a hardcore, competitive trainer; or a casual player with a love for cute plushies – there’s a place here for you!

For our competitive trainers, we have plenty of opportunities to battle against students internal and external to Imperial. You can win prizes in our themed Monthly Tournaments with our members; and may even be titled ICPokéSoc Champion! Furthermore, as a part of the Inter-Uni Pokémon Society, we go up against some of the best players in the UK. We have had teams participate and make podium in the IUPS Draft League, the IUPS Unite Tournament and League, the first-ever in-person London Pokémon University Challenge; and have so much more on the way!

For the casual PokéFan, we host regular hangouts every Wednesday in Meeting Room 5 from 1-3pm, where you can come to play, chat and chill with your fellow trainers. Feel free to bring your handhelds, your TGC cards and your plushies! Each hangout will have something different to do, so stayed tuned via our socials!

Other than these events, we have a lot planned. Memberships are free – so grab one and join us (and be sent our newsletter to your college email)! We look forward to seeing you!

Join our Discord for regular updates, to get involve with community activities and to chat to fellow members!

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