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Whether you have a passion for flight and want to try it first-hand, or you've logged 500+ hours as Pilot in Command; this is the club for you! We are offering discounted flying & lessons from a base in London, visits to places such as the AAIB, opportunities to fly along on our trips, as well as help and guidance with the theoretical side of flying.

We are a club run by people who are passionate about flying, most of us have pilot licenses, others have no previous flying experience at all and are just about to take on the skies.

Our aim is to make flying as affordable as possible with membership at only 15 pounds and we will be flying from London's most affordable flying school. We also offer guidance in applying for flying scholarships, which can get you funding to go towards some of your flying. Regardless of this, there are ample opportunities for anyone with the drive and passion for flight, no matter your background!

Come and join us at Freshers' Fair - we're looking forward to meeting you!

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