Category: Social

ICPASS is run by a group of students who are enthusiastic in promoting Public Awareness (PA) and organising Social Services (SS) activities without borders. We envision to provide our members with comprehensive development beyond the school community.

Public Awareness events are regularly held throughout the year to develop the attitudes and values of our members, and articulate their public speaking and presentation skills. Previous activities include discussion forums, debate and public speaking competitions.

Social Service activities aim to give our members the opportunity to contribute to the society in a highly positive way, thus encouraging altruistic behaviours. Past activities include fundraising, as well as organising food drives and delivering English sessions to the underprivileged.

Our flagship events Famine 24 and Charity Concert are fully organised by our members, aiming at raising public awareness while raising money for our beneficiaries.

At ICPASS, we enjoy collaborating with other societies within and beyond Imperial College to broaden our exposures and enhance interactions between members. With connections with over 30 other PASS societies in the UK, we also join in many external events.

We also publish a magazine, PASSTIMES, on a quarterly basis. It covers event reviews, editorials, and articles on current affairs, culture and career.


Only available to members of Imperial College Union.


  • 29 current members