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Welcome to Nutritank Society at Imperial College!

In our current era, people say that you are what you eat. The population is also moving towards a more vegetarian and vegan based diet, yet obesity levels are higher than ever. Lifestyle, mindfulness and diet - what does it all clinically really mean?

Nutritank Society at Imperial aim to dissect these questions, as the society is part of a national programme, that wants to empower a strong cohort of medical students to engage with nutrition and lifestyle medicine.

We want to raise medical students’ awareness around the importance of nutrition and lifestyle medicine for all stages of healthcare from prevention to wellbeing. Greater nutritional education within school education is required, so that one day when you’re a doctor, you will be equipped with sufficient knowledge to advise your patients. We hope to engage in wider community projects within London with other medical schools around nutrition and health.

From health talks, to lifestyle nutritional food trips, join and become a member to see what all the nutritional and health fuss is about.

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