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Alright! We are Northern Society, a new club in 20/21. We aim to create a community for all that’s as friendly and welcoming as the North itself, while widening appreciation of Northern Culture amongst the student body through our themed events. As a member you will be able to participate in our events at a discount or absolutely free. Here’s what we hope to bring you this year: 1.Casual meet-ups A chance for members to mingle and meet fellow Northerners. We’ll have brews and biccies as soon as we’re allowed! 2.Lectures These will cover topics from the serious, such as wealth and quality of life disparity between the North and South, to the more light-hearted, such as Northern dialects and pronunciation. 3.Quizzes A classic, but Northern. 4.Greggs-related content While our primary objectives are to provide our members and the wider college community with a taste of the North, we also aim to promote awareness of the persistent inequality between the North and South of England. Things we like: •Greggs •Gravy •Glottal Stops Things we dislike: •Pret à manger Contact us: Facebook - Email - Instagram -

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