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Welcome to all! Muslim Medics is a society that provides social and educational support to all medical students at Imperial College whether it be young blood or the wise oldies! Throughout your time at Imperial you will hear about our extremely valuable tutorials, mock examinations and revision sessions that will aid you during the course in achieving the best marks possible. We fully understand the expectations and pressure that will be placed on you but with years of providing excellence in teaching and welfare support we will ensure that all your educational needs are met. We also offer religious support to those who seek it or are just intrigued through events, newsletters and circles. Here at MM we have a large tight-knit community filled with love that is made up of people from all backgrounds whom we welcome with open arms and we hope you will also become a part of this community through attending our events and socials! Other events that we also host are charitable projects, PotMed for potential medical students and a variety of scientific events. Hence why our name is a bit of a misnomer as we cater for everyone; you don't have to be a Muslim or even a Medic to get something out of MM! Our aim is to point you in the right direction and fulfil all your aims whether they are educational, spiritual or even gastronomical!

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