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Our society hopes to provide a sanctuary away from home for our community here in Imperial. We aim to promote and cultivate our vibrant Malaysian culture amongst the international community besides providing our members the platform to interact with one another. Taking pride in establishing ourselves as one of the largest and most active student organisations, we strongly believe in inculcating a family-like spirit amongst our members.

To welcome new incoming Imperial students, we organize our annual Fresher's Camp during the summer holidays, providing us the opportunity to interact with them and to share our experiences. We have various activities lined up throughout the year such as weekly sport sessions, theatre trips, tours around the UK and our flagship event, the Malaysian Night. We take pride in our annual Malaysian Night being one of the largest student productions in the UK, involving approximately 160 participants. We also maintain close ties with Malaysian Societies from various universities in the UK and other organisations, within and outside of Imperial.

Regardless of nationality, we welcome everyone to join us! Come and be with us to experience the warm Malaysian hospitality!

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