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You'll study the art of Wu Shu Kwan Kung Fu, a blend of ancient Chinese martial arts and western kickboxing.

IC Kung Fu is without doubt one of the most fun, sociable and exhilarating ACC clubs! Everyone is welcome, from freshers to alumni and complete beginners to black belts. Our yearly membership is ONLY £10 and the first term pass is HALF-PRICE for beginners! Your first session is always FREE so you’re welcome to join us at any time throughout the year to give Kung Fu a go!

We train twice a week, on Saturdays (5.30-7.30pm, AS1&2, Union 1st floor, Beit Quad) and Sundays (7-9pm, Union Gym, Union 3rd floor, Beit Quad).

Our amazing and experienced instructors push you hard to reach your highest level while having lots of fun at the same time! Although you are free to rest or leave training, we recommend staying for the entire class to get the most out of it!

The sessions involve a warm-up followed by intense stretching for half an hour, unlocking awesome kicks and finding your inner ninja. Next, half an hour is spent on set movements including punching, kicking, blocking and elbowing, which are then applied in forms and fixed sparring in preparation for grading to earn your belts. The final hour or more is dedicated to full contact sparring (probably the most enjoyable bit) and applying moves in situations! Afterwards, the real training begins downstairs in the Union bar...

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