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KCSOC - your on-campus spiritual experience •The Krishna Consciousness Society at Imperial offers a platform to evolve the mind, give direction in life and reveal a deeper level of insight by connecting with like-minded people. The Krishna Consciousness Society is for open minded, deep thinkers who take an interest in spirituality and viewing things from "outside the box". We present eastern philosophy and allow others to share their opinions on them. The Krishna Consciousness Society is about introducing spirituality to students. We aim to reach beyond the boundaries of caste, creed and colour, by establishing the science of the soul, and to help students find spiritual solutions to material problems such as alcoholism, drug abuse, social and academic pressures by promoting simple living and high thinking. We place a greater emphasis on spirituality rather than any particular religion. The society also aims to put students in touch with Eastern spiritual techniques, such as yoga and meditation, so they can apply ancient wisdom to modern life as a student, something that we feel is becoming more popular here in the UK. It also aims to create an non- judgemental, open and safe environment in which students can discuss and ask questions about faith and philosophy without having to belong to any religion or culture.

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