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IC Kabaddi Club is now
- Imperial Sports Club of the Year 2016
- NHSF National Champions 2015, 2016, 2017
- London Zone Champions 2013, 2014, 2016
- Kabaddi Cup Winners - 2015, 2016

Kabaddi is a contact sport with its origins in the Indian subcontinent. Imagine a combination of tag and tackle rugby: raiders enter the opponent's half to score points by tagging defenders; defenders either avoid being tagged or tackle raiders to prevent them from returning to their own half.

IC Kabaddi is spearheading the promotion of Professional Kabaddi in the UK. With multiple men's teams and England's first women's team, IC Kabaddi is a club suited to beginners and experienced players alike.

We play regular friendlies throughout the year and take part in several competitions against other universities in London and across the UK. IC Kabaddi also hosts the annual Kabaddi Cup: an event that is rapidly becoming one of the biggest dates on the UK Kabaddi calendar.

IC Kabaddi plays a huge role in representing and promoting the sport in the UK. We thrive on introducing new players to the sport. Don't worry if you've never played before; it's very easy to pick up! Most of our members played Kabaddi for the first time at Imperial.

In our club, there is opportunity to compete at national and international levels. In 2016, three of our senior players (Keshav Gupta, Joshua Enson and Milan Nayee) represented England in the Kabaddi World Cup hosted in India. An ex-Imperial player, Michael Dubery was also hired by Professional Kabaddi clubs in India during the 2nd season of the ProKabaddi League (the equivalent of cricket's Indian Premier League).

So if you want a taste of something new that is exciting, full of tactics and power, and with a chance to take things further (or if you just want to get some exercise and meet a great variety of people from across Imperial), then IC Kabaddi Club is for you!

Check us out in action by searching "Imperial Kabaddi" on YouTube

Youtube: www.youtube.com/ICKabaddi
Twitter: @ICKabaddi
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ICKabaddiClub
Email: kabaddi@imperial.ac.uk

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